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See-thru displays Qithe 56 4
by Qithe
Way to reload Model Dummies when In-game SEBuilder4 50 3
by Harag
Small Ship Gatling Turret Laser Issue SEBuilder4 143 7
by mexpex
Disturbed by the mwmBuilder TankinatorFR 68 4
by TankinatorFR
custom skybox keeps showing up broken. WhiteWeasel 31 0
by WhiteWeasel
Warhead explosion replacement... Osmos 37 1
by 666Savior
Request: Half-height blocks (Light, Heavy armor and Interior) Andon 43 2
by Andon
Turret wont appear when placing it?! Illegal characters in path? mexpex 68 2
by mexpex
Problems with importing turret model into the game
1 2
Okimosy 169 21
by Okimosy
Ambient Light Kamikazie 89 3
by KaRei
[Resolved] ChickenNugget 47 0
by ChickenNugget
So, no one wants to mod any hand tools? Stardriver907 142 4
by Stardriver907
Path to SunGlare hardcoded? KaRei 42 0
by KaRei
Obsolete default definition of mount points - will this break mods in the future ? Digi 85 2
by Digi
calling up voxel/ asteroid info Bear 55 0
by Bear
[REQUEST] Star Wars character models
KingdomBragg 327 6
by TheEndersWAR
'GetSubpartFromDummy' Error with a new model Okimosy 80 1
by Okimosy
Ergthbeb's Mod Manifest ergthbeb 423 3
by ergthbeb
[REQz] Diagonal Merge/Connecter Blocks yx33a 45 0
by yx33a
Dummy setup for Ejectors? 0z1k 73 2
by 0z1k
BUG/OVERSIGHT: Removing Images From Text Panel Tristavius 153 4
by Tristavius
Is it possible to alter the strength of a Gravity Generator? 0z1k 71 0
by 0z1k
Serialization error? Secretpro 61 0
by Secretpro
Dummies NOT working as intended? mexpex 122 2
by mexpex
MountPoints definitions parameters: what these do? darth_biomech 106 4
by darth_biomech
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