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Problem with inventory CurrentVolume and MaxVolume SpeedDaemon 40 1
by JoeTheDestroyer
Problem with script to display amounts of ore / ingots Nathn123 105 5
by Sibz
I need a generic stone ejector script Killacyte 112 6
by Killacyte
Script for detecting a breach of a pressurised area :) Mattizzle 129 8
by mhalpern
Checking Connector Lock Hellothere! 221 12
by Rapt0r828
"using" directive Burillo 79 2
by Burillo
Problem with GridTerminalSystem.GetBlockWithName() Markus Fjellheim 144 7
by JoeTheDestroyer
Want to send a list to a public void... ViperMan 89 1
by indigodarkwolf
Can a ship know it's own speed? ViperMan 227 5
by JoeTheDestroyer
Only get blocks on my grid Panda72 94 3
by JoeTheDestroyer
Changing assembler modes Raffson 62 0
by Raffson
Multiple prototypes for Main.. and perhaps event coding? whiskeyfur 82 2
by phoenixcorp13
Request: Nitpick on GetBlocksOfType Flux Faraday 149 8
by mze9412
Has anyone figured out how to determine if a block has been removed? LordDevious 188 14
by mze9412
Request: Ownership Sharing Sythius 58 0
by Sythius
Save States for the Settings in the Control panel, possible? Morilibus 58 0
by Morilibus
Capturing player commands through thrusters. Hellothere! 83 2
by Hellothere!
Suggestion: Allow System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch or integrate it in Programming block Anthropy 207 12
by Burillo
Oxygen blocks Christopher Brandt 196 3
by Burillo
How to query block from enemy grid? (for targetting) behc 182 4
by JoeTheDestroyer
Cargo Capacity Script help
Morphik 205 10
by indigodarkwolf
Get the ingame time Markus Fjellheim 183 10
by LordDevious
Get light armor block? mashed_cows 204 11
by Brenner
How does VRAGE math work? TangoFoxtrot 255 6
by TangoFoxtrot
Illegal one-byte branch at position: 305. Requested branch was -153. What the hell? ManIkWeet 131 5
by ManIkWeet
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