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This week im guessing that we will get more work on oxygen. We could even see a reason to pressurize areas in this update. I also want compound blocks but they could be awhile off.  I'm honestly very satisfied by these recent oxygen updates.

As usual all comments relating to space whales, the potential for explosive decompression, speculation, and general comunity shenanigans are to be place below mine. Thank You


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I'm thinking something oxygen related, hopefully some kind of mechanic that gives a distinct advantage to having your suit off in a pressurized environment. 

I would love compound blocks and wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they just appeared out of nowhere.  That's how things tend to be getting implemented.  I would be equally unsurprised if they were still some ways off.

I'm also waiting for new netcode to drop.  This I would think is a fairly gargantuan task that will roughly coincide with MP support in ME.

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I am guessing reasons for oxygen too - maybe a hydro garden block that creates a food substance that needs to be consumed from time to time to recharge stamina. Stamina being a new player energy resource that when depleted causes a decrease in movement speed and/or increased risk of health loss.

I am hoping MP gets some loving - only downloading stuff you need, not the entire map as a starting point. Also some fixes to world data related to procedural roids regenerating and retaining their damage data would be nice.

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They've been messing with asteroid voxels, so I'm gonna hesitantly say primitive planets.

Or maybe they'll let you pressurize the inside of asteroids, that'd be nice.

I have no idea when we'll get compound blocks, but I hope it's soon.

I think what we need to do is either plant a mole in KSH, or bribe one of the devs to leak their internal bug tracker and change logs. [wink]

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compound blocks, multithreading improvements, and netcode

a 20-30 players stable server please [smile] 


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Joystick Support

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If there were AI aliens, and they also wore spacesuits, then having crew show their human faces could be helpful. Won't take helmet off inside, won't talk, possibly leaking green slime? = ALIEN

Food growth would also make for an incredibly cool reason to setup and worry about oxygen, would provide a new range of items/stocks to potentially trade, and reason to be in sunlight. Mirrors to direct sunlight into otherwise dark places could be neat in that mix too. With planets: the ability to find new species of plants, propagate from clones, and harvest to extract proteins to make juicey burgers and fakin-bacon.

Explosions that consume oxygen and become much, much bigger as a result would make for a great reason to fill oxygen tanks and setup programmable blocks/sensors/timers to control them.
the librarian

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Originally Posted by AceNepets
Joystick Support

that would look something like this... LOL

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Planets and a use for oxygen.
Laurent Darabi

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I hope we get compound blocks, but I don't think we will this week. I think we will get reasons to take helmet off. Not sure about space whales.
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