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+1 to this and thank you for necroing.

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Originally Posted by Wintersend
+1 to this and thank you for necroing.

What is necroing?

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Necroing refers to getting a dead thread back to life.
But imo that does not apply to suggestion threads with still not implemented features when there is no other or better thread for it around.

The reason for me why necros are bad is that you get a thread active again with outdated informations. At least if the game flows and changes.
If the requested feature and the special circumstances did not change however, then the negative aspects and thus the negative tag name "necroing" does not fit imo.
But thats a matter of definitions [biggrin]

And yes we need forces for pistons. That got requested so man times .. like many other features.
I hope that we get it soonish but who knows ... maybe the new mainstream features like air, and silly planets are more important than the engineering roots :s
With a bit of "luck" we may even get laser and shields like in starmade before pistons get their force setting [tongue]

I know that sounds kinda mean, but imo the features should be "feature complete" and not half-baked so that you have to get into what you did months ago in order to properly change the functionality again. Mind you i dont refer to bug-free here ... it is alpha and thus it has the right to have poor performance and bugs. Yeah blablabla, dont mind me :-)

+1 for Piston Forces (not moment or torQ_Que)
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