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Because there is no Report function on the forum at this moment, you will have to report users by sending me or a other mod a private message.

I have copy-pasted the forum rules here in case your forgot them or haven't read them yet.

Forum Rules:

  • Posts must be made in English, any threads or posts that are posted in a language other than English will be removed.
  • Piracy and Pornography! All messages that include linking, mentioning or promoting piracy and/or pornographic content will be deleted immediately and the member will be banned!
  • Spamming and Advertising are not permitted. Posts that include links with the purpose of promoting other products or selling items (gold) will be immediately deleted! In the case that the member will repeatedly violate this rule, he/she will be banned from the forums.
  • Religious, National, Racial hatred etc. Posts that contain content that negatively portrays any religion, religious figure, nationality, race, country, or region are not allowed and will be deleted.
  • Any kind of violence, vulgarity, using abusive, bad or offensive language, calling names, threatening or insulting other members, is not accepted and messages will be deleted immediately! This includes posting links to websites containing such content.
  • Don't abuse the picture upload feature
  • Posting personal details of others  including but not limited to name, telephone number, address, date of birth, etc. is not permitted and any user that does will be immediately banned.
  • You should not at any time openly argue with forum moderators or administrators about imposing rules.
  • You may not at any time attack Keen Software House or insult any Keen Software House employee.
  • You may not at any time impersonate any Keen Software House employee or staff on this forum.
  • Respect other user's opinions. Don’t criticize or deride what other members believe about the game.
  • Try to keep all messages in a constructive and polite manner. Posts that don’t include any arguments neither provide any suggestion on how the game can be improved will be considered as spam and will be deleted. For more information of what is Feedback and Constructive Criticism, please read below.
Ideas that have been suggested multiple times are also welcome in my wonderful inbox of reports.
And of course if you need your own thread to be locked or deleted i can help you with that.

If you disagree by a certain action a mod has performed like editing a thread, removing a post or anything for that matter, please PM the moderator who has performed it with why you disagree with that action.

TodesRitter - German Moderator
In case i missed a moderator, please add yourself [cool]
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