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We need a bit of balance for the containers and a few other changes/additions. To do this you would start from the small ship small container and use that as a reference.

Small Ship Small Container    =          125L
Small Ship Medium Container =        3,375L
Small Ship Large Container    =      15,625L
Large Ship Small Container    =      15,625L
Large Ship Medium Container =    421,875L (use the current large container size for this)
Large Ship Large Container   =  1,953,125L (make a 5x5x5 size block for this)

By doing this it will allow for all of the cargo blocks already in-game to still be there just changing their name. This will also add a 3rd container for large ships/stations. I was also wanting to see all of the small ship cockpits changed so they are usable on large ships/stations. The regular gravity generator also needs a small ship version (cut the size to 1x1x1, the max range to 15m in all directions, and the max acceleration to 0.33g) to allow for use with the small ship mass blocks and anything else we can think of. The o2 needs to be recognized as an ingot by ships and stations so we can transfer them between grids (no physical ingot for us to grab). Also the cockpits can be changed to make them use o2 like the reactors use uranium. Then the suit can be done so that when we take off the helmet we use o2 from the ship/station instead of our suit power. The o2 use can be done so each tank worth of o2 will last 5x that of the suit power while grinding. This can be the benefit of taking off the helmet or suit.
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