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Imagine you're out on EVA, misjudge the distance of an asteroid and collide at speed, you're hurt bad, your mind is fuzzy and your health readouts are all in the red, it's hard to see and you're slow to move but you make your way back to your ship. You remove your suit in an airlock to reveal your battered and broken body. Without your suit to assist movement you limp to the nearest medical area leaving a small trail of blood behind you. Upon arrival you stumble into a medbay and manage to pull yourself upright long enough for its supports to hold you in place. You're safe, soon surgery will begin and later you will be well again.

I would like to suggest that the auto-heal is switched around a bit, whereby your suit is capable of healing your character between 70% - 100% health, anything more severe requires a medbay. The logic being that a suit is capable of healing minor wounds but heavy damaged requires more intense treatment.

Then I have the perhaps controversial idea that you should only be able to heal at a medbay when not wearing a suit. The character should have to climb into the medbay to be healed - think along the lines of prometheus surgery pod, or dead space suit upgrades. This would require a nice animation of our character stepping in and a door closing them in.

For this to work we'd need the addition of changing facilities that we can place in airlocks and medical areas so we can take off and store suits.

These are pretty big changes to how health works now but I think they'd make taking damage and restoring health a more serious concern in the game, making the dangers of space a little more scary.

Of course the only problem is more often than not it'll be easier to die and respawn rather than get back to a ship and heal up, I'm not sure how to fix that. Perhaps eventually medbays will need resources to respawn someone, explaining why it has conveyor hatches.

I'm not expecting everyone (maybe not even anyone) to like this idea, but what do you think?
Nova Dwagon

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This sounds like a great idea but way to advance for where we currently am with the alpha stage


maybe after planets are added

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