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Many thread ask what's the benefit of removing your helmet?
I think that's the wrong question.

What's the benefit to KEEP your suit?
Nobody likes to be in a bulky annoying space suit when they can get away without it.

Here is my suggestion:

1) Energy lasts 4-5 times longer in your suit without a recharge. i.e., about 1 hour of gameplay. When you recharge energy for your suit, it drains power from your power generator.
If your suit goes to zero energy, you die.

2) Your suit also holds breathable compressed air.  One full recharge lasts 15 minutes.
Recharging your suit in oxygen requires oxygen station, and oxygen tanks.
If your suit goes to zero air, you die.

3) If you get damaged, your suit gets damaged. Its maximum power and maximum oxygen is compromised (i.e., it can now only hold 5 minutes of oxygen or even less depending on the damage).
The only way to repair your suit is to remove it, which requires a pressurized environment.

4) Speed of hand repairs, hand-held griding, hand-held mining etc. takes much longer when in a suit

5) Visibility is impaired when in your suit (large rounded permiter in your HUD, represents your blocked vision on sides)

6) When gravity is present, walking with the suit is bulky and slow without the suit's jet packs

7) Jetpacks cannot be used in pressurized environment nor in gravity environment (hence the importance of adjusting gravity to fit pressurized areas)

Just these few steps would greatly enhance survival mode and could represent a fairly small step in terms of game mechanics for a future increment on oxygen.

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how about oxygen tanks?
instead of having to recharge you could just put on a new oxygen tank and let the old one recharge.
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