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Nova Dwagon

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So me and my friend hawkey been talking (How it always happens) and we come up with a few idea's


Huge pockets of cloud/dust in the galaxy


  • Contains rich ore deposits
  • Easy to hide a base
  • Maybe a partial collector system?
  • Easy to get ambushed
  • Antenna and beacon wont have any effect (Laser antenna have limited range but still work)

Laser Antenna's

Need more range 250-500km range, but from that range takes longer to lock on and easy to lose connection



Flying into one could transport you to a random place in the galaxy but will damage light armor blocks on the outside of your ship (Hull stress)


Just throwing it out there, the huge nebula's would be a nice addition as theirs only asteroids then when we get planets we got 3 places we can get resources from.


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Firstly, why the random apostrophes everywhere? [smile]

I feel that in realistic terms the game world is far too small to have nebulas. Rich ore deposits are a no I think, because afaik nebulas are just very very space out atoms of hydrogen (for the most part). Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though. I do however think some form of large dust cloud could be nice (though performance would likely suffer- I mean, look at the lag the fog on spotlights causes!).

Laser Antennas
Agree with the range boost, though I am not sure about locking on. I imagine the laser would have a slight cone effect, making it easier to lock on (again, if this is not the case irl, feel free to correct me).

I don't know if has even been proven they are a thing, that can move you to somewhere else. And as I said before, the scale of this game is probably far too small. The entire game world is something like the size of the inner solar system.

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I would love some sort of nebula-like anomaly (I guess it would just be more like a funny-colored fog).  I disagree with the rich deposits idea (because nebulae are pretty much empty), but I would like the antenna interference.

Antennas in general could use a range boost, so yeah.

Eventually, we either need wormholes or FTL travel, something that will let us move around better.  Minor light-armor stress from going through wormholes would be acceptable.

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Remember: SE is a realist, scientific and physics oriented game. Leave the Sci-fi aspect of what you would expect of a space game to mods. The Vanilla of the game should be plausible, feasible and realistic. Nebulas are perfect if their taken the right way. Laser Antenna improvements are nice. Wormholes? Until you can travel through one on a daily basis, not so likely. 
Nova Dwagon

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Now you mention it guys yeah, But I'm just throwing out idea's bound to give some one else a better idea


And "Firstly, why the random apostrophes everywhere? [smile]" I got no idea XD


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Nebulas will be good, but it needs some work on coding. For example, "fog" can be rendered inside of ship, to avoid that devs will have to code collision models for fog, making game even more laggy.

And why shouldn't antenna or beacon work in nebula? Nebula is sort of fog, and laser antenna's laser will hardly penetrate this fog. Usual antenna on other side wouldn't be affected by nebula, only if there is no some anomalies.


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Nebulae are no where near dense enough to block a solid radio broadcast. The solid-looking structures you see like the Eagle nebula, or the crab nebula, are huge formations of gas and dust that are lit up by nearby stars, but if you went there, they would disapear like a rainbow does when you approach it. The density is apparent from a distance, but its like a mosaic of domino tiles widely spaced apart. Close up, it looks like nothing, but far away, you can see a structure.
Additionally, Lasers obey the inverse square law. Unless they produce perfectly parallel beams (which is nigh impossible) they will decrease in strength as distance increases. Although currently the lasers have a bit of a puny range, and I agree that it needs to be buffed up a bit, but going overboard with it would make laser antennae overpowered. You need some kind of prompting for people to build booster stations and similar devices which make gameplay more intricate and complex. (complexity is a plus in gameplay, it means that you are less likely to get bored)
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