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Originally Posted by TheGrimReaper

Again, it comes down to conventions. Properties should never be complex. They should be just state. Properties are there to do things like (simple example)

public bool IsActive {get { return _someRunningInstance != null; } }

and should never be used for anything else. Also the "never know whether there is a setter" is a moot point because the second you compile you'll know. And with intellisense and good code documentation you don't even need to do that. We're not using NotePad to write code. (And, while not really important, you're linking to one guy's opinion. I happen to have another. What makes his opinion more important than mine?)

I know very well about creating APIs. It's my job. Best-practices with APIs will vary depending on the target language. You don't use a hammer to fasten a screw if you have a screwdriver.

Originally Posted by TheGrimReaper

Which is why I said theory, because they won't do it. Hell, I made my own CLR based scripting language once, just for the hell of it, I know it can be done, I even know it's not difficult, just time consuming. But they won't.

I think this is a good place for me to stop. I tend to get too worked up about these things, coding standards, structures and good APIs are both my job and my passion. It's really pointless to argue about this to a random (no offense) internet person. You are most certainly entitled to your own opinion, but so am I. Things are what they are, and they are not liable to change in the near future.
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