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As we all know Space Engineers is a very great game as it is, but there would be a few things that could be added to make it better.

I've looked around and noticed that there hasn't been an update for NPCs, and since Medieval Engineers already HAS NPCs, it makes me feel a little sad, because Space Engineers is an older game.

A few ideas for NPCs would be...

  • Light Raider
  • Heavy Raider
  • Light Marine
  • Heavy Marine

Each one is equipped with different weapons.

New Weapons

  • Shotgun
  • Rail Gun
  • Flame Thrower

A cool feature to add would be that drones could have AI. You could assign ships you make with an AI Core, which would be a new block.
  • Driller
  • Grinder
  • Agressor

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Sounds interesting, though I am not so sure about a flame thrower. I have mixed feelings about the AI core. While I would love to have something so simple, I don't know if it fits with the general feel of the game. Generally people are told to engineer a solution. Even so, I would enjoy something simplistic for those times when I really don't want to do more than build a drone, and have it complete its task.

How would you propose the AI core would operate? Would it require sensors, cameras, and such in order to operate? Would the driller just indiscriminately mine, or would you give it an area in which to work? A similar question for the grinder. Would the driller and grinder find a drop off point by themselves, or would you have to handle it yourself?

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The AI Core would operate on a simple level, meaning where you could have the drone go around drilling, grinding, or attacking enemies from factions you are at war with. The Core would also have to operate with an antenna, sensors, and a camera if you want to check the progress.

The Flame Thrower was suggested by my brother, but I thought it was dumb, even though fire can't be set in an oxygen-free space.

Any other questions?
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