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I'm sure this has been bought up before, but I think it's something that really needs addressed.  At the moment nearly every functional part in the game can access the full ship console and control anything else.  While this is great during design phases as there's always something near by to tap into, it makes little sense in the long run, especially from a security point of view.

The format I would suggest is allowing the current system for those who wish it but having a toggle on the ship information screen to toggle this off.  Once off, all parts only allow access to themselves (gyros, reactors and so on).  Control Stations and Control Panels retain full access to all the ship systems.

This system could be further enhanced by instead having toggles on individual parts...
  • Can Be Accessed In Person or Remotely
  • Can Be Accessed Only In Person
  • Can Be Accessed Only Remotely
I can see a few circumstances where instead of in-person access being disabled for security purposes, you may want to have some parts that are the total opposite and only accessible on foot.

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Not just for security...

For an airlock, you don't want someone to be able to open the door without going through the full cycle.

Would be nice not to have to use modded doors for that.

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