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I'm not sure how this happened but I ended up with a partial rocket in my assembler Q for disassembly and it hung up the assembler.  (I was grinding a ship so probably partially damaged it in its component state.) Anyways I threw it overboard to free up the inventory slot and started having that common memory access bug going around.  When I used SE toolbox to delete all the floaties including the rockets, the memory access error went away.  Part of me thinks the logic in the game to get rid of junk and floating objects above the item cap doesn't know how to deal with them and hard freezes. I would love to try to duplicate but am not that skilled with code stuff.  Hope this helps.  I noticed alot of items can do this but the rocket and the rifle ammo clips are the only ones I have seen that hang up an assembler on disassemble. Anyone else with a savegame out there that they think is messed up with the memory error that can confirm? It was essentially the same exact error output as this posting in every way.  Deleting the floating components and ores was the only other change.
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