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Lord Commissar

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last week i posted this guide with the lore and structure of the Phoenix Republic, including a few specifics of Phoenix Fleet System's relationship to it all.

the guide already got alot more attention than i expected, so i thought i might continue to flesh things out with some short stories. However, i am not a very experienced writer, so i don't know how much writing i would actually be doing or how high of quality it would even be. still, it's something i would love to explore some more so that the universe can become more alive. This is why i would like to open it up to the community, to get short stories from you guys.

Tristavius and Tyriosh have already put in bits of lore for everything (and i'd love to see more from you guys), but i'd also like to get ideas or stories from anyone else who might be interested as well.

These would be the guidelines:

- Obviously, your story should tie in with the Phoenix Republic in some way. It can be centered on one of the corporations (or one you make up), or a part of the society (mining, gov, intelligence, civilian life, etc.), or an allied organization to the Republic (and about their relationship with Phoenix), or even an enemy of the Republic (and a battle with them or something of the sort).

- the story should not conflict with the currently established lore (obviously this will lead to alot of questions, so feel free to consult me on this as much as necessary)

- keep things professional - avoid vulgar stories or excessive gore

- I'll review all final entries to make sure they fit with the vision I had for the faction, then compile things into a lore guide on steam (giving credit to each author, obviously). if you have questions, want to run ideas by me, suggestions, criticisms, etc. definitely let me know and i'd be glad to collaborate with you on this [cool]

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I'll try and post the full 2015 - 2082 timeline I wrote soon... making the edits as suggested by you and Tyriosh and fleshing certain things out a bit, along with reworking the bit that were a little silly.

The temptation is always to keep fleshing things out more and more, but actually leaving lots of jumping off points serves a better purpose as people can take those leads and run with them.


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Is it possible that an outside person like myself could write a short story for you?
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