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And when sugar plants explode, a 200 mile area becomes a noman's land?  And how about grain dust from corn or wheat.  That's been known to level a silo or two. 

And That's Radiation my friend, not the explosion, which in space is pretty much every where.[wink]

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ok... now look, this suggestion has turned into an outright argument.

The wording and expressions of the individuals involved (myself falling into this category) seem to be misleading.

Now there are two and only two things that come to mind when you say a nuclear reactor exploding.

The first (and one most people think about): This involves a nuclear explosion in which there's a blinding light and complete annihilation for miles. As seen in movies, this means the complete destruction of a ship.

That people, is pure fiction. Under no circumstances can that ever actually happen unless the person making the reactor was instead creating nuclear bomb. You can have one or the other but not both. It is either a reactor or it is a bomb and requires very specific and precise means of constructing them.

Now for the 2nd thought: This one involves pressure building from a reactor that is currently in the process of melting down. When meltdown occurs, the fission process is running rampant and thus building extreme temperatures within the CONTAINED space of the reactor room.

Now that is important because without a means for this pressure to escape (which is exactly how they build them to keep radioactive particles from escaping) they essentially become giant pressure-cooker bombs. Anything under immense pressure from steam and heat will eventually explode.

Now if this is what you are after, then fine. This is entirely possible and real. However it is not a nuclear explosion and can only be called a breach of the containment system. The size of the container and the pressure within will dictate the size of the explosion; not the nuclear material.

So, I have to ask: Is it 1 or is it number 2 that you want to include into the game.

Number 1 only occurs if the person is building a nuclear bomb instead of a reactor.

Number 2 occurs due to pressure buildup and not from the nuclear material.

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Levits is right.

Also, this thread is dumb, with far more error than correct fact.

Reactors that use water cooling explode due to either steam explosions or hydrogen buildup in the primary containment that eventually explodes.

Unit 1 and Unit 3 at Fukushima both suffered hydrongen explosions.

There is no nuclear explosion at all.

There is utterly no reason to assume the reactor in SE is a water cooled reactor. If anything there are hundreds of reasons why it isn't.

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 for example you need that the reactor mix with oxygen to explode, i know that a real explotion needs some oxygen or something o mix with, but a reactor also need something to make it reactionate, for example, there are ways to take some nukes at the space and make them blow in orbit, and i think that not necessarily is because it´s mixing with oxygen, a regular explotion happens because the tnt needs to be burned, a nuclear reaction isn´t something getting burned, as i know, it´s an unstable particle, and making it react. and that could be getting out of control if there is something who disturb the reactor, like someone shooting at it.
i know that a reactor is not made the same way as a nuclear bomb, but there is nuclear reactions going over there, if something goes wrong with a reactor, it could cause some chain reaction blowing up everything. someone might not want nukes, but there are possible in the game, a lot of people wants some variety at the weaponds and, why not making some nukes, just to play around, as i said, they don´t need to be cathastrophic weaponds which could blow up 500 blocks of radious, just make a bigger explotion withouth needing to ad more warheads. Also adding some danger at the way we made our ships.


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Also, if there are not fails on the nuclear reactor, it would be like assuming that, even in future human raze wont make any kind of mistake, so, why to think that? nuclear energy, could not be really something new (it has some years by now) but i don´t think that, in a nearvy future ir would be the perfect bussines, or if it is, there would not be throuble with shields or stuff like that, then, why a nuclear reactor wouldn´t explode if it is impacted with rockets and bullets from a gatling, or even lassers from modded guns?

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Well you see Deadhand, the number 1 reason why the reactor-based uranium doesn't cause an explosion is because it is not pure enough. At best, that uranium would do nothing more than smolder. (heat up; yes, but not burst into flames)

The nuclear fission reaction within the reactor is slow. They also have control rods that are able to soak up a lot of the neutrons that cause the fission process to happen. (Basically and in simpler terms: it would be like trying to start a fire with some watered-down logs while its raining. You just don't have the right setup in a reactor to actually make it explode.)

Now, for nuclear bombs, they use a high-octane fuel version of uranium that is very quick to burn (basically introducing a small flame to gasoline). The small neutrons that are released just fly everywhere and when they hit another atom they create more and more and then boom.

That is the key to a fission bomb. All of the atoms of the uranium core suddenly and violently get turned into energy.

The stuff inside of a reactor just doesn't move fast enough to cause this chain reaction. They're just too slow.

As for oxygen and stuff; the uranium itself is all you need (Well that and one neutron particle). Like gunpowder, it has all it needs to work without anything else. Gunpowder does not rely on outside oxygen. It has what it needs in the mix. Bullets work in space just fine as well. (Russians tested that one out if I'm not mistaken)
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