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The way it should work for a good progression is simple:
The standard refinery can refine all ores you need for production of the basic type of items. You have what you need to build more standard refinerys, light armor blocks, standard assemblers and so on. It can also produce a next-tier resource in a very slow and inefficient way, that makes sure that you can't jump to the next quality step too easy.

Tech 2 Refinery is a bit more complicated, maybe consists of 2-3 components like suggested before. It is less efficient for T1 resources, but a lot more efficient for T2 resources.
- Large thrusters
- pistons, rotors, antennas, programmable stuff, sensors, ...

Tech 3 rather requires a real factory, a couple of components that work together, also includes materials like nano-fibres, carbonite, ... The big T3 reactors are a lot more efficient on uranium, but require refined uranium with centrifuges, ... also requires cooling tech, controls, ...
enables :
- Gravity Tech,
- Airtight hangardoors
- Thruster Cooler and Booster (Increases Power)
- a lot of decorative stuff, thats not neccessary for efficient ships

Tech 1:
- low efficient weapons, that are ok to protect your ship/station against meteors, offer rather short range and low rate of fire. Maybe even fixed mounted weapons where you have to rotate the ship to aim.

Tech 2:
- Better specialized Weapons, rotary stuff
- Standard missiles,
- long range slow tracking mid damage turrets
- short range fast tracking high damage turrets

Tech 3:
- Homing missiles
- Heavy long range very slow Torpedos, that are a bit resilient against standard weapon fire
- Very fast lower damage Rockets
- Sniper weapons
- Specialized anti-Missile/Torpedo Interceptors

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This got off-topic quickly.

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Uzul, those are tiered assemblers; then again, component specific assemblers (i.e. only does steel parts of components, only does silicon parts of components, only makes steel plate, only makes computers) are another way to add tech tiers

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I would like to see introduction of more elements, such as aluminium, carbon, lithium (for batteries) silver (excellent catalysts) helium (coolant) Nitrogen (rcs fuel for fine manouevres, also allows for more chemical explosives) Titanium, vanadium, platinum, etc etc all these elements have roles, and if you introduce a basic level of chemistry into the game, people can produce better allys, smarter materials, more efficient systems.

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I think having tech tiers and different refineries might add a little in the way of making stuff more interesting... but with regard to tech tiers... depending on how they are done, they tend to be very "gamey" (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), and not at all novel: so many other games do it, and do it better than this game probably ever could.  Also, if this game is going for anything remotely realistic... it ought to avoid gamey abstractions like "research labs" or whatever that you click a little button, allocate resources, and wait for a timer to go off to magically be able to build something that should be buildable in the first place. It sounds to me like this is what is being suggested by some in this thread (not the OP, though!).

The kinds of stuff that I think really make an impact are core changes to gameplay similar in concept to changes to the ore detector that the OP suggests and needing to do some sort of exploratory drilling/sampling.  I LOVE that kind of idea.  Through mimicking a real-life limitation to how things can be detected (which reflects an ACTUAL SPACE ENGINEERING PROBLEM), it necessitates a whole new strategy to how to approach resource exploitation instead of having it handed to you on a platter as it is now.  I really don't understand why this game, being called Space Engineers, doesn't try to look at real life propositions for asteroid mining missions and technologies, as well as the realities of propulsion in space as a basis for features to have for gameplay.  The kind of challenges zero gee mining introduces would make for a fantastic game, and representing these would actually introduce some non-arbitrary and interesting complexity to resource exploitation.

To expand on this... to me one of the biggest over-simplifications is drilling and actually landing on an asteroid.  For some suggestions that I think would fit nicely with the OP, one could check out one of my previous suggestions here.  :3

Also, I really like EternityTide's suggestion!

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