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All right, all right. My stuff might not be that great as of yet, but I've got a few ships to show off.

First off, let me explain how the FSA, or Forosian Star Alliance, works:

There are four companies - MAKO Labs, North-Sky Security Solutions, Mercury Systemics, and Sikorsky Armaments.

I am currently focusing on the small-medium of MAKO Labs, so the main thing is what I am about to show you first:

The Dionysus Light Carrier

[2015-03-31_00002_zpsglrlbuqb]  [2015-03-31_00001_zps8ljybtqk] 
While this is only two sides of the front, it happens to be one of my fave ships to have built.

I'll be posting some pictures of my Shadowstorm fighter later. Still gotta iron out the bugs with the landing gear.

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That's actually a cool shape, like a boxy starfleet vessel from Star Trek... but you managed to achieve a nice look with it! Nice.
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